Polyurethane protective coatings are perfect for floors across various industries, such as temperature-sensitive applications like a freezer room. Or food processing factories that require chemical-resistant applications like in a dairy plant (milk or cheese) where the lactic acid spills do not corrode the polyurethane floor.

Polyurethane is more pliable and flexible than its counterparts, therefore, using it as a protective coating over commercial or industrial floors is a perfect choice. However, there are specific scenarios when we’d recommend a polyurethane (PU) coating instead of an epoxy coating. So, let’s focus on the beneficial uses of PU coatings for commercial and industrial use, but first.

Why do you need to seal your floors?

In a commercial and industrial environment, one activity is constant – traffic. Customers are constantly walking on commercial flooring. Heavy traffic of cars and equipment moving in a parking basement, automotive shop, industrial factory, or warehouse environment. The continuous movement over the floor will damage and deteriorate the surface over time, some faster than others.

The first reason to apply an appropriate coating to the floor is to protect it. You want to ensure the floor is durable and remains that way for a few years before you need to invest in it again. Then, you can protect your floor from the elements, which will wear harder and prevent cracking.

The benefits of PU floors.

High chemical resistance

Specific industrial applications such as automotive repair workshops, chemical processing plants and food and beverage likely have frequent spillages and splashes from acids, corrosive liquids and other chemicals that can damage the floor surface. Applying a PU screed to high-use areas where these chemical spills and splashes regularly occur will increase the durability and life of the floor.

Temperature resistance

Environments like freezing rooms where temperatures drop to freezing point require a special screed that can withstand constant freeze point usage. The floor coating will contract at these temperatures, and the PU screed is a perfect protective product for this application. Any other coating, like epoxy, will crack. Therefore, because of the PU’s elasticity, it will not crack even at temperatures below zero.


Wet processing applications such as food manufacturing or preparation areas have stringent health and safety regulations that need to be followed. When floors are wet, they become slippery, which is when trips, slips and falls occur that may lead to serious injuries. As a matter of safety, the best application for this floor would be a PU screed for its anti-slip properties. Whether wet or dry applications, the PU floor performs well and will reduce slips and falls in your business.

Heavy duty/hard-wearing

Commercial and industrial floors that see heavy-duty usage can depend on PU floors to withstand the high mechanical stresses daily. The thick PU floors are designed for hard-wearing applications and would be perfect for a floor that needs to withstand constant, heavy use.


On the contrary, the PU floor is not only designed for heavy use, but for chemical and temperature-resistant applications. It also performs well in commercial and industrial environments where hygiene is paramount. Conforming to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system criteria, the PU floor is excellent for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industry because of its seamless, non-absorbent, and easy-to-clean finish.

Facilitate fast cleaning/drainage

Another specific requirement that the PU coatings meet is its smooth and seamless finish when installed professionally. Food and beverage manufacturers, chemical processing plants, and automotive workshops must quickly remove hazardous spillages or excess liquids from the floor. The seamless and smooth construction of the PU floor enables this.

Contact us for your PU flooring application if you’re building a new clinic, freezer room, automotive workshop, Master Chef kitchen, or the next pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. We’ll provide you with professional analysis and guidance tailored to your requirements. In addition, we offer professional and approved installation (by all leading manufacturers). For more information on PU flooring options, Contact us today.