Industrial work environments have a long list of safety regulations and policies they must comply with, for good reason. The type of work done in any industrial workspace could lead to severe injuries if the work environment is unsafe. Slips and falls could cost your employees and company dearly. Investing in an epoxy floor coating would be wise and good practice to minimize hazards and keep your employees safe.

However, some industrial workspaces naturally pose a hazard for the employee. For example, someone could be running into the building with mud on their shoes because it’s raining outside. If that mud is not properly and immediately cleaned, it can become a hazard to anyone walking over the floor. But when the hazard cannot be eliminated permanently or timeously, then upgrading your floors to an epoxy-coated floor can reduce and improve the safety profile of that workspace and protect the floor space.

The epoxy coating is perfectly designed for hard-wearing floors in industrial-type buildings like bulk distribution warehouses, manufacturing buildings, cold storage units, pharmaceutical buildings, and chemical processing units. The epoxy coating is quick and easy to install. However, this usually applies to installations carried out by professionals. Experienced installers can utilize the self-levelling capabilities offered by epoxy flooring and apply the coating over new or old concrete floors. By using professional epoxy installers, you can rest assured that your floor will last for years and will require very low maintenance over its lifespan.

One of the most critical features of an epoxy floor is its safety-enabling capabilities. Many factors of the floor can impact the hazard it poses to people walking over it. Changes in the height of the floor can cause trips, so it needs to be seamless and smooth; even an elevation change of 1cm can cause a trip. Anti-slip claims from various flooring types need to be carefully inspected. A floor can be slip-resistant when dry, but is it slip-resistant when wet? An epoxy-coated floor will ensure a seamless surface that is easy to clean and resistant to chemical spills. In industrial kitchens or pharmaceutical environments, spillages lead to slips and falls. This could cause severe injury to your employees. Moreover, the epoxy coating will make the floor cleaning process much faster and is durable enough to stop mould build-up or broken patches that usually occur on heavy traffic floors.

Another benefit of an epoxy-coated floor is its ability to withstand high-heat scenarios such as fire or any other heat exposure. The coat is also perfect for industrial work areas where occupational health and safety acts require the area to be brighter than surrounding areas, including walkways, basements, and stairways. Walkways and stairways can also be coated in different colours. The Floormaster range of epoxy products includes a variety of colours that will meet your specific needs.

Epoxy flooring is perfect for industrial flooring because it enables a safer work environment for your employees to carry out their duties without concern. It is by no accident that slips and falls, and poor lighting is among the most common causes of industrial workplace incidents caused by floor hazards. So if you’re ready for a floor to revamp or busy with a new installation, or just looking to protect your existing floor and employees, then consider the safety hazard that a slippery, uneven, eroded floor poses in the work environment. Contact us for an assessment of your industrial floor, and we’ll be able to guide you on the right choice of epoxy coating while meeting your needs. You’ll also get an attractive flooring surface, and you can apply various patterns to the design.