Epoxy flooring is one of the leading versatile floor coatings on the open market for
commercial, residential, industrial and healthcare spaces. Not only does an industrial
epoxy floor tender out a long life term with reasonably low maintenance, but it also offers
exceptional rigidity in various colours too. It is often applied to enhance and protect concrete
floors and is overly versatile.

Determining which industrial floor coating to have installed demands a great deal of scrutiny.
In a lot of industrial locations, flooring may go through a substantial reach of wear and tear
varying from basic contact with rough and destructive oils and chemicals, to erosions and
scratches on account of heavy machinery (i.e. forklifts).

It is imperative that your industrial floor coating is permanently stable and lasts long so that
work performance is efficient and successful. Deciding to invest in a superior industrial
epoxy floor means that you are not just assuring a perfect and immaculate finish for your
space, but additionally, you’re effecting a safe workplace for your employees. With a lack of
decent traction from industrial floor coatings, lapses and falls increase more and position
workers at risk for severe injuries. An anti-skidding and slip-resistant industrial floor coating
can restrain such mishaps from happening, which will initially allow a business to run smoothly
as usual and free of safety issues.

Benefits of industrial epoxy floor coating.

A perfectly bonded epoxy coating not only binds up under heavy foot traffic but also prevents
damage from erosion and impacts as well. Epoxy floor coating can just as well be used to
bear a protective layer to any tough/hard surface, which includes wood or metal subflooring.
This means that it is designed to shield the concrete floor beneath. Another added
advantage which falls under this tree is that epoxy floor coatings continue to look remarkable
and perform greatly even under heavy wear, basically meaning that it is heavy-weight
enough to resist the density of forklifts and cars.

As opposed to other kinds of flooring, and industrial epoxy floors can be installed right over
concrete and other types of flooring, the placement costs are in every respect a little lower
than others. The pricing remains one of the greatest and most direct advantages that you will
ever come across with epoxy floor coating.

Health and Safety
Industrial epoxy floor coatings are not just ‘eye candy’ and long-lasting, they are also a
safe, secure and sanitary flooring selection.

Regarding safety, other assemblages may have augmented epoxy that would make the floor
slip-resistant, which is most suitable in any setting, moreover in warehouses and

manufacturing facilities. Electrostatic dissipative epoxies reduce and hinder the influence of
static discharges, which boils down to it protecting workers and valued electric and non-
electric equipment.

Epoxy coatings have accoutrements that make them immune to bacterial buildout which is
common in industrial settlements, hospitals and veterinary clinics. All in all, this means that
epoxy’s toughness to liquids/fluids makes it useless for bacteria and mould to develop in the
absorbent concrete below the coating of epoxy.

By a long shot, epoxy is one of the longest-holding and lasting floor coatings available.
Although its longevity is determined massively on its environment… and whether or not it
was installed properly. Other epoxy floor coatings in industrial and even residential places
have been acknowledged to hold for decades.


These days, ‘just’ polished concrete is not considered or deemed appropriate for industrial
facilities. Epoxy has been an outstanding choice for floor coatings. Industrial sites have
opted for this type of flooring for many properties that it offers. It is available in non-slip,
which allows for consistent, rough and remarkable traction that eliminates the possibility of
slipping. Then micas pigments, which allow for endless pleasing patterns throughout and
then granule textures, these thick floors are capable of withstanding challenging foot traffic
whilst providing an ornamental finish to complete the look.

Epoxy floor coatings are virtually available in any colour that you desire. Be it safety floor
striping to company mark/logo(s), colours can be used in all sorts of patterns. This can be
achieved if only the colours are not overly exposed to ultraviolet light, for this reason, they
will remain vital for the continuance of the coating.

Looking similar to plastic, an industrial epoxy floor presents a professional, shiny and
pleasant look. Their attractive appearance alone makes them fascinating to use. The
polished and evened-out surface is quite easy to maintain. Additionally, a special benefit
of this kind of flooring is that cleaning is a breeze.


Why is an epoxy floor coating ideal for industrial areas?

Epoxy is an ultimate durable and reliable surface for both commercial and industrial flooring
and it sometimes does not require a paint job. This type of floor coating enhances safety by
creating an anti-slip surface, and fire and heat resistance… so work gets executed in the best
and most suitable manner required.

Does an industrial epoxy floor pose any potential health risks?

Inhaling epoxy fumes or dust may result in an unpleasant impact on the human respiratory
system. Symptoms are easily detectable (itching on hands, swelling and irritation of lungs).
Safety measures have to be taken to avoid as many health issues as possible (safety
goggles, respirator and protective clothing gear).

Does industrial epoxy floor coating need a lot of maintenance?

Not entirely. An industrial epoxy floor requires very little to no extensive maintenance. It is
easy to clean and should be able to keep its’ shape as long as the ground rules of care are
followed in the best way possible.
In a nutshell, an industrial epoxy floor is an excellent choice for countless reasons. With
that being said, the best option is to get professionals/ people of expertise to have it
installed, for they are knowledgeable on how to install it properly, longevity and they will
even go the extra mile of letting you know just how to care for it and have it keep its natural