Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings Explained

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings Explained

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings are considered among the most popular flooring systems on the market today that you could choose for an exceptional investment in flooring. Being exceptionally durable and tough, along with offering a high level of slip resistance and being easy to maintain, makes this the flooring of choice for many industries and commercial enterprises that need flooring for high traffic areas, whether pedestrian or vehicle. 

Epoxy flooring can be used to great effect in many different kinds of industries and commercial set-ups, from chemical manufacturing plants and warehouses to motor vehicle showrooms, offering flooring that is attractive, durable and long-lasting.

What are Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Typically, Epoxy floor coatings are composed of resin and a hardener, which, when mixed, form a chemically bonded that is exceptionally strong, being resistant to chemicals, oils and other industrial spills.An epoxy floor coating can be relied on to last for many years, especially if it is well-maintained and dirt is not allowed to accumulate over a long period of time.

HACCP-friendly Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings from Floormaster

Epoxy Concrete floor coatings installed by Floormaster meet with HACCP guidelines, in that this team assures you of a seamless floor that has no gaps and grout lines that are potential breeding grounds for mould, and fungi or bacteria.

With the particular emphasis on safety and health today in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, HACCP guidelines for flooring, especially in the food and beverage industries as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, have tightened significantly, making it essential to invest in flooring that can be cleaned quickly and easily, leaving nowhere for contaminants to fester.

Unsanitary and unsightly floors could lead to the closure of a facility while the floors are replaced, which is a cost few business owners can afford in the current economy, making it well worth your while to start off on the right foot, with the right flooring.

Industrial flooring isn’t just expected to ensure the safety of employees and the efficiency of the facility, it also has to be aesthetically pleasing according to the HACCP system, which is easy to achieve with the colour options to be found in Floormaster Epoxy concrete floor coatings.

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

The team at Floormaster has been installing flooring in Cape Town since 1995, giving them many years’ worth of accumulated experience to bring to the table when it comes to choosing the right product when it comes to industrial flooring for your facility.

Their epoxy concrete floor coatings offer an attractive flooring solution, which dries to a high gloss shine that will brighten up any area in any industrial or commercial space.

Epoxy concrete floor coating benefits

There are many benefits to choosing an epoxy floor coating for your business, including:

  • Durability: Epoxy coatings are highly durable and will last for many years without spending a fortune on maintenance or repairs.
  • Resistant to many common chemicals: Epoxy floors are resistant to most common chemicals, oils, water and other industrial spills.
  • Available in various colours and styles: Epoxy coatings are available in a wide variety of colours and styles to match any décor and style.
  • Custom colour-matching available: Floormaster will assist you with custom colour matching to create the perfect look for your business.
  • Easy to maintain: Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain. There is no need to wax or polish these floors as they are stain-resistant to most common spills. 
  • Slip-resistant: Epoxy floors provide a high level of slip resistance, making them perfect for areas that are prone to spills or where water may be present.

Maintaining Your Epoxy Floor Coating

Once your epoxy floor coating is installed, it is essential to maintain it properly to look its best and to extend its lifespan. Tips for maintaining your epoxy floor coating easily include:

Sweeping or vacuuming regularly

Regular sweeping or vacuuming will help remove dirt and debris before it has a chance to build upon the surface of the epoxy.

Mopping as needed

Mopping with a mild soap and water solution will remove any dirt or stains. Be sure to rinse the floor well after mopping in order to avoid leaving soap residue behind.

Avoiding excessive moisture

Excessive moisture can cause the epoxy to peel or blister if it is left to dry on the floor, making it essential to mop up any spills as they occur.

Checking for damage

It’s important to keep an eye on the floor periodically so that at the first signs of damage or wear and tear, you can contact the team at Floormaster to see the repairs with minimal disruption to your schedule.

With proper care, your epoxy floor coating will look great for many years to come. Contact the professionals at Floormaster today to find out more about epoxy concrete floor coatings, or to discuss the best flooring options to meet your requirements.

You can look forward to dealing with flooring experts who care a great deal about meeting the needs of their customers by offering the best flooring solutions in Cape Town.