5 important things to keep in mind when choosing industrial flooring.

Choosing the right industrial flooring is a crucial decision for anyone having to face this difficult choice. It’s not a choice that can be undone without major upheaval to production and expense, so it has to be carefully considered.

Because an industrial floor has to deal with continuous traffic and stress it’s essential to choose the right flooring for your facility, according to the specifications of your industry.

Finding the right flooring contractor in Cape Town is going to make the process of sorting through your choice of industrial flooring a lot easier, and no one does it better than the team at Floormaster.

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Here are the 5 most important things to keep in mind when choosing industrial flooring:

Types of traffic:

The traffic any floor will have to withstand is different from facility to facility. If you are going to have heavy vehicles like forklifts and pallet trucks bringing heavy weight to bear on the floor you choose, it’ll have to be able to withstand major wear and tear.

The floor in a shopping mall is going to be a completely different matter. Here you’ll need a floor that will be able to handle a lot of foot traffic, which, although a lot lighter than that of vehicle traffic, will also suffer wear and tear. In this instance you’d be better off with a floor that won’t be damaged by scratching from footwear.

Frequency of traffic:

The flooring in a storage space will see very little traffic as opposed to that of a multi-storied car park that has to handle thousands of vehicles on a daily basis seven days a week. By giving Floormaster estimates of the traffic expected on your flooring they’ll be able to offer you the best solutions accordingly.

Colour choice:

Colour has a major impact on the creation of a healthy working environment. Bright reds and yellows may look great and even suit your company colours, but staff are going to find it very tiring on their eyes to work in a bright environment like that.

A white floor is notoriously difficult to clean, so think carefully about how much work it’ll take to keep the flooring clean in your facility. A light grey floor is going to give the impression of more space and light, especially in a facility that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

Let the team at Floormaster work with you to find the perfect colour for your industrial flooring so that it’ll look great well into the future.

Cleaning and maintenance:

A budget for cleaning and maintenance is often neglected during the process of choosing the right flooring. It’s important to have a good idea of what you’ll be facing in terms of maintenance costs, especially if you need to invest in new cleaning equipment.

Working temperatures:

There’s a difference in flooring that is used in freezing temperatures and that used in steam-washed temperatures. It’s important to discuss the working temperatures in your facility with Floormaster in order to make sure the flooring solution you choose is going to have the characteristics necessary to deal with different temperatures.

These five key points to keep in mind are essential to narrowing down flooring solutions that’ll work best in your facility.

As professionals who’ve been top industrial flooring contractors in Cape Town since 1995, the team at Floormaster will offer the expertise you need to make a well-informed decision about the right flooring to suit your facility.