Create beautiful, long lasting floors in your home with epoxy flooring in Cape Town!

When most people think of epoxy flooring they think about garage floors, you know the lovely stain-free and shiny-clean type we all envy? Well, there is another way of looking at epoxy flooring completely!

Think beautiful, non-slip, shiny, easy-to-clean and long lasting, and there you have it, the beauty of moving epoxy flooring from the garage into your kitchen, bathroom, lounge or any other space you can think of that has a floor!

Epoxy floors in the home not only look beautiful, they are also very easy to clean and last for many years, looking as stunning as they did when first installed! Epoxy flooring is incredibly cost efficient when you consider what it costs to keep replacing floor tiles or carpets and carpet cleaning!

Considering that industrial and commercial buildings use epoxy flooring for its safety, durability, resistance to staining and cracking, you could not get a better looking, longer lasting or safer floor for your home than epoxy flooring – just make sure you let experts like Floormaster do the job perfectly for you!

Epoxy floors are easy to clean, there is nowhere for any dirt or dust to settle into, leaving your high-gloss floor looking like new, without any special cleaning techniques needed to clean cracks or tiles; hygiene heaven to say the least!

Those tiles everyone slips on when they want to do the ‘walking around the house in socks thing’; not going to happen with an epoxy floor installed by Floormaster, this floor is slip resistant!

Last, but not least, Floormaster has a variety of colours and styles to offer with their epoxy flooring in Cape Town, to the extent that you can choose one solid colour or get really creative by using several different colours to create an attractive or funky and durable flooring solution!

Contact Floormaster today to find out about what they can do to offer you the most stunning residential epoxy flooring in Cape Town!