Choosing industrial flooring in Cape Town.

What to take into consideration.

If you have ever chosen the floor for a new home or replaced an existing floor at home, you will know just how painful it can be to make sure that whatever you spend on it will be well worthwhile, and, that it will last!

Well, doing it on an industrial level is even more of a daunting prospect for any commercial or industrial property owner or manager! Things get a whole lot more complicated than worrying about whether your floors will withstand a few oil stains from cooking or scrapes from moving furniture around!

There is a lot more to consider when choosing industrial flooring. The flooring space that needs to be covered is much bigger, and, depending on the type of commercial or industrial business you are running, there are crucial mistakes that can be made along the way without the assistance of professional, experienced flooring contractors.

Commercial and industrial facilities take a lot more punishment than any home ever will, and, if you do end up choosing the wrong type of industrial flooring, you will be on the slippery slope to spending a fortune on replacing the floor and losses caused when operations come to a standstill.

Let’s look at a few of the most important points to consider when choosing industrial flooring:


The type of traffic expected is the first step to making sure you start with the right industrial flooring. If there is going to be heavy vehicular equipment or forklifts in the area, for instance, the industrial flooring you need is going to have to withstand this type of heavy wear and tear over a long period of time.

A floor that supports foot traffic, without all the heavy duty ‘stuff’, will be a completely different matter; instead of being able to handle a forklift, the floor in a bank or retail shop, for example, will be facing different wear and tear issues created by foot traffic.

Frequency of traffic

How often you have foot traffic or vehicle traffic through your facility will also determine the type of industrial flooring you need to be looking at. The specifications of the type of floor you need vary greatly from one facility to the next – if there isn’t much traffic, such as in a storage space, your needs will be completely different to that of a busy area with almost constant traffic, of all types.

Industrial flooring colours

We have come a long way from the basic grey of concrete floors. You only have to look at the magic that Floormaster is able to create in terms of ensuring that you are given the right advice about the colour of industrial flooring you choose. There are many colours available on the market, but one needs to be careful with this too.

You really need to consider a lot of factors when aligning the colour of your industrial flooring with the nature of your industry, so it’s a lot more than simply selecting a colour for décor. A beautifully white floor is tough to keep clean, but, if that is not a major issue in your industry, then light floors definitely do make any space seem lighter and more spacious.

Your industrial flooring needs to support what you do, but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, whether for visitors or employees. If you do want a bright yellow or orange floor, think about it, because in the long run, it will end up being tiring to the eyes.


Hot, cold or in-between? Temperature is also a major factor to take into consideration when sitting down with the team at Floormaster to determine the right type of industrial flooring for you. Spaces that are very hot will need very different floors to those that have to last in freezing or refrigerated areas.


Last, but definitely not least, speak to Floormaster about what you may be looking at in terms of costs involved in cleaning and maintaining the floors. No matter how appropriate your industrial flooring is, it will need to be maintained in order to make your investment even more worthwhile – it’s the best way to avoid having to replace flooring!

Rounding it all up

So, now that you have a few basic facts about where to start, it’s time to let the best industrial flooring company in Cape Town work with you to iron out any wrinkles in the plan, and get going on one of the most vital investments you will make for your commercial or industrial facility.

Floormaster has been installing industrial flooring in Cape Town since 1995, providing you with a well-established, highly reputable team of professionals who eat, sleep and drink industrial flooring, which should already give insight into the expertise you can expect from them.

Let the invaluable experience garnered by this team over many years guide you to informed decisions about industrial flooring in Cape Town before you look anywhere else, this is not the kind of money you want to waste on the wrong choice!

Professionalism, workmanship that pays attention to detail and phenomenal service excellence is what has made Floormaster the best industrial flooring company in Cape Town; make your choice in industrial flooring easier by contacting this friendly team today!