Don’t lose money by choosing the wrong industrial flooring for your commercial or industrial sector!

The saying ‘different strokes for different people’ applies just as well to industrial flooring! Choose the wrong flooring for your industry and you’ll get hit hard in your wallet!

To give you a very basic idea of this, imagine installing rubber interlocking flooring in a dairy production facility? Got the picture? Well, you’re definitely going to be in a lot of trouble!

This trouble will come in various forms, such as:

• Flying in the face of stringent health and safety regulations – which could result in fines that take yet another nasty chunk out of your bank balance!

• If the combination of bacteria, contamination and germs are so extensive that you would face closure until the flooring is remedied, you can well imagine the loss of production time and profits!

• Having an abundance of cracks between interlocking tiles are perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, which then cause contamination in your product.

• Cleaning a rubber interlocking floor in a dairy facility would be a nightmare! Getting into all the nooks and cracks for a thorough, hygienic clean is impossible.

For production facilities that have to place health and safety as a top priority, it’s an absolute necessity to make sure that you have flooring without cracks, in which bacteria and germs accumulate.

The industrial flooring in facilities like these, whether in dairies, food processing & preparation sectors, metal works, hospitals, chemical processing plants or blast freezer rooms, industrial flooring has to be of the highest standard possible.

This would be when you would be looking at solutions like Polyurethane Flooring and Epoxy Flooring, as in the images below:

These are just a few examples of industries and production facilities that are expected to maintain high standards of health, safety and hygiene, with ease!

So what’s best if you’re looking industrial flooring solutions in Cape Town?

The first step to take is to make sure that you contact a reputable industrial flooring contractor to discuss viable alternatives, depending on your industry requirements.

Floormaster, recognised as number one industrial flooring contractors fits this bill perfectly.

The extensive experience gained since Floormaster first opened its doors in 1995, ensures that any advice given by this team will be of such a high standard that you’ll be able to make an informed decision, which ultimately means saving time and money.

Industrial flooring solutions such as Epoxy and Polyurethane protective flooring systems are a major focus at Floormaster, as this flooring offers exactly what is needed to make life easier for commercial and industrial property owners.

The purpose at Floormaster is to:

  • Offer all the guidance you could possibly need to make the decision about investing in excellent industrial flooring as easy as possible.
  • Make sure that the industrial flooring chosen will last, be non-slip, stain, and chemical resistant, impact resistant flooring that also offers proper drainage where necessary.
  • To apply many years’ worth of experience vital to maintaining superb customer service and high quality industrial flooring, so that your investment brings the returns you deserve. The last thing Floormaster wants is to leave you with a floor that regularly needs to be repaired or replaced!

As well respected applicators of exceptionally high quality industrial flooring systems like SIKA, STONCOR, FLOWCRETE and BASF, there is no doubt that when it comes to industrial flooring solutions in Cape Town, Floormaster has it all in the bag!

Contact the team today to discuss your industrial flooring needs in detail. They are only a call away, or, if you’re ready for a quote, just an email away!

Whatever you do, start out with expert industrial flooring guidance, to make sure you’ll have flooring that’ll be durable enough to weather all conditions, easy to clean, non-slip and so much more.

A last word:

We can’t ignore the value of Interlocking Flooring as a safe, easily installed flooring option that is cost effective and super-quick to install. All of this without the need for adhesive!

Interlocking Flooring from Floormaster is used in many applications, some of which include factories, offices, retail outlets, workshops, warehouses, schools, health clubs and even crèches!

The Pedestra Range of Interlocking Flooring has a stunning range of colours available in just the standard range, while the Eco Range is on a quieter scale, made from selected recycled material!

Imagine the fun you can have with colours like this, just to suit the décor of your floor space!

Nothing is impossible when it comes to stunning, quality installations of industrial flooring from Floormaster in Cape Town!