Need experienced, trusted advice about industrial flooring solutions in Cape Town?

If you are, then Floormaster is the number one industrial flooring company in Cape Town! They have earned their outstanding reputation over the course of many years, starting in 1995.

These years in the industry have undoubtedly given them the right to be called specialist flooring contractors, and they live up to that reputation with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The fact that they are approved flooring applicators for flooring systems such as SIKA, FLOWCRETE, BASF and SIKA speaks volumes about their ability to offer the best industrial flooring solutions in the Western Cape.

Epoxy flooring and Polyurethane flooring are protective flooring systems this team of flooring contractors focus on, bringing safety to the fore in various industrial sectors needing easy-to-maintain industrial flooring.

Self-drainage flooring systems are also an important part of what Floormaster does, as well as offering the best in PVC and Rubber interlocking industrial flooring systems.

The most important factor to Floormaster when installing any flooring system, is that they work hard to maintain minimum down-time for any customer, so that production can continue as quickly as possible once installation is completed.

Examples of the speed at which different flooring solutions can be installed and ready for use:

Epoxy Flooring:

Epoxy floors, when installed correctly, are generally ready to handle light foot traffic as early as 24 hours after installation. It will take a little longer than this before the floor can be cleaned using water, which is generally between 48-72 hours.

This is a boon for any industry that depends on a consistent flow of productivity.

Polyurethane Flooring Systems:

Polyurethane flooring systems also dry quickly and can be used more or less within the same period of time as Epoxy flooring. Again, wasting valuable time and money on a badly installed flooring system will mean that you’d be looking at high maintenance costs, as well as the possibility of having to replace the floor completely!

The best thing you can do for your facility, whether in the automotive, pharmaceutical, industrial, commercial, food and beverage industries is to get safety flooring systems right first time around!

Interlocking Rubber Flooring Systems:

These flooring systems are a breeze to install! It would be best to consult with Floormaster to make sure that a Rubber Interlocking flooring system would be suitable for your facility.

Installing this flooring is as simple as laying the tiles on any firm, flat surface, using only a mallet, trimming knife and other basic installation tools. Child’s play really!

If rubber interlocking flooring is installed in heavy traffic areas, the tiles may need to be glued together, or, alternatively, glued to the sub-floor.

Floormaster are specialists in the application of the PEDESTRA™ flooring range, which offers a unique, well-hidden joining and sealing method. This flooring system requires little or no downtime, since it can be installed section by section, as required.

Rubber interlocking flooring also requires very little in the way of sub-floor preparation and can even be installed over moisture or contaminated flooring slabs.

Make sure you consult specialist flooring contractors before making any decisions:

The floor that needs to be installed in heavy traffic areas, where forklifts and trucks are used, is going to be different to what is necessary in a wet production facility like a dairy or any other food preparation facility.

The same can be said about which flooring is appropriate in the automotive industry, and which would be suitable for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

Many major industries have trusted Floormaster to install the perfect flooring for their particular industries over the years with great success, minimising any chance of repairs or replacement.

Once you’ve consulted with the team at Floormaster, they’ll be able to offer you the right advice for cleaning and maintaining the flooring system they’ve installed, which also goes a long way to extending the lifespan of any industrial flooring system.

Contact Floormaster today for a quotation or advice on the right flooring solutions for your industry or facility!