Take a look at what epoxy flooring can do for garages & major industrial facilities.

Whether you’re planning to use epoxy floor coatings for your home, garage or industry, Floormaster has a flooring solution that’s strong enough to withstand heavy traffic, and attractive enough to use in the home.

Floormaster has truly earned their position as the top industrial flooring company in Cape Town with their determination to exceed the expectations of every customer, private, commercial or industrial.

This ethos applies to every type of industrial flooring Floormaster is able to install, from epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings to interlocking flooring – perfect for every commercial or industrial concern.

This team has a solution for every type of industrial flooring you could possibly need. With experience that dates back to 1995, you can rely on Floormaster for expert advice and dedicated customer service.

But let’s get back to epoxy floor coatings in Cape Town.

Herewith a few prime examples of the strength and durability of epoxy coatings on a grand scale:


If you really want a garage that’s attractive and durable, then an epoxy floor coating will fit the bill perfectly.

Your garage floor will be able to withstand everything your car picks up on your travels, protecting it completely from the damage that’s caused by any spillage or leakage of petrol, oil, road salt or any other junk your tires roll into your garage.

Keeping your epoxy coated floor system clean is so easy that the ROI is well worth the initial investment. Just make sure you have experts like Floormaster coating the floor to be absolutely sure of its durability and attractiveness!

Aircraft hangars

Your garage at home sees plenty of action, but it’s nowhere near what an aircraft hangar has to deal with! The planes coming in and out of the hangar on a daily basis place serious strain on the flooring, making a durable industrial epoxy coating essential for strength.

On top of the weight these industrial floors must bear, the amount of chemical and oil spillage these floors have to handle is on a massive scale.

Epoxy coatings in an aircraft hangar have to be versatile enough to deal with major foot traffic as well, and nobody can do it better than Floormaster!

Industrial warehouses

Nothing beats epoxy flooring for use in commercial and industrial facilities that have to deal with the heavy duty use of forklifts and other heavy vehicles!

Trying to maintain the integrity of the industrial flooring in large facilities like this is next to impossible if it’s not done by experts! You want a floor that’s sustainable in the long run, one that’s tough enough to handle vehicle traffic and foot traffic.

In fact, commercial and industrial epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile flooring systems used in major industrial and commercial facilities today.

If you choose to leave a concrete floor without any treatment, the wear and tear accelerates so quickly that repair or replacement of the floors will become a regular nightmare, and a costly one at that!

Epoxy coating is the magical remedy for this, it’s the glue that gives the flooring its durability, strength and high gloss appearance. Besides which, keeping the floor clean is easy and it meets all safety regulations.

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Now that you know how easy it is to maintain epoxy industrial and commercial flooring systems, you should also know that epoxy coatings can also be more attractive and creative than you may have thought!

Turn your high gloss epoxy flooring into a work of art to great effect by choosing colours and designs to bring industrial and commercial floors to life to great effect!

The guys at Floormaster are always available to guide you to the best solution for industrial flooring in Cape Town to suit your requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact this fantastic team of professionals for any information you may need. The expert advice they’ll offer will ensure that you’re able to make an informed decision about your investment!