Don’t compromise on the quality of your industrial flooring!

Any investment that goes into building up a commercial or industrial business, whether it is a food processing plant or shopping mall is a major one, as you know, but quality industrial flooring is just as important to your industry as the investment you make in the building and the business.

There are different types of industrial flooring available in the industry, but it takes calling in a flooring specialist to consult with you to ensure that the flooring you choose is fit for purpose.

No doubt you would like flooring that looks good and is easy to clean and maintain, but before aesthetics, it is essential to take into account the need to meet stringent health and safety rules, or you could be spending a lot more than planned, either on fines imposed or by having to start all over again!

Floormaster has been involved in industrial flooring in Cape Town for many years already, and, based on this much experience, and a reputation for exceptional service delivery, these are flooring contractors who will guide you to a decision that will do more than meet safety rules and regulations!

Business owners, commercial and industrial, have many options available today that can be installed with very little disruption to your business, and little in the way of downtime, making it a lot easier for any business owner to install flooring that meets with all the above requirements!

Approved by all the leading industrial flooring manufacturers, Floormaster has been installing high quality industrial flooring in Cape Town since 1995, giving them the experience and knowledge necessary to assist customers with the best in flooring solutions.

When you go to the expense of installing industrial flooring, you deserve to have confidence in the product, and to know that the flooring contractor you have chosen is able to provide you with the best in technical support and backup, long after the floor has been installed.

These are areas in which Floormaster excels, earning a valued reputation among customers in a diverse range of industries, from automotive manufacturing to pharmaceutical facilities, food and beverage industries as well as for shopping malls, hospitals and schools.

This multi-faceted expertise and professionalism has earned Floormaster a well-deserved reputation as the number one installer of industrial flooring in Cape Town, and this team has no intention of letting this position in the market slip an inch!

Floormaster specialises in everything to do with flooring solutions, from polyurethane flooring to epoxy flooring, interlocking rubber flooring, safety vinyl flooring and PVC flooring solutions; wherever you need the best in commercial and industrial flooring, the team at Floormaster will have a solution tailored to suit all your requirements.

It is not just commercial and industrial facilities that can enjoy the standard of excellence Floormaster brings to every project! For instance, an epoxy coating, which is generally used for garage floors, is fast becoming a fantastic flooring solution for residential use!

Creating a high gloss seamless finish, epoxy flooring is resistant to scratches, marks left by furniture and resistant to stains, which is great news for homeowners who would like an easy to clean, low-maintenance floor in the kitchen, dining area and lounge!

This is the high-gloss flooring that is also often seen in gymnasiums and car showrooms – it has to be easy to clean and maintain if you are going to be moving cars in and out on a regular basis; imagine what it could do for your home!

Taking into account the scope of flooring solutions on offer at Floormaster, and their unblemished reputation in the flooring industry, calling on this team to take you from consultation to the installation of high quality industrial flooring in Cape Town is going to be one of the best investments you will make!

Contact Floormaster today to make sure that you invest in an industrial, commercial or residential floor that will stand the test of time!