Does your industrial flooring meet with health & safety regulations?

Looking for industrial flooring solutions that will offer exactly what is required to toe the line in terms of complying with health and safety regulations, as well as making cleaning and maintenance easy?

Floormaster is the answer! This team approaches every flooring project with an absolute commitment to superb workmanship, sheer professionalism and service excellence!

Floormaster has planned and installed industrial flooring in Cape Town for a broad range of industries since 1995, giving this team invaluable experience that is much appreciated by their satisfied long-term and new customers!

Once you know that you have an established, experienced industrial flooring contractor like Floormaster in your court, you can rely on this team to deliver an excellent investment that will last for many years!

Having to replace your flooring in a busy plant, or any other commercial and industrial setting isn’t only expensive in terms of the new flooring and installation, but also highly disruptive to normal production times, once again dipping your black line into the red on the books!

Whether you are having your car repaired or your hair cut, you want an expert holding the tools. Well, it’s the same for commercial and industrial flooring; experience and knowledge is what boosts the confidence of each customer dealing with the friendly team at Floormaster, and they are more than happy to make sure that you get the flooring solution that best suits your business.

Durability is essential in the quality of flooring installed for commercial businesses and heavy industry. There is just too much floor space for mistakes in flooring to be made in these industries, which makes having expert advice from Floormaster really valuable, ensuring that the right flooring solution will be found and expertly installed, without wasting time or money!

Pharmaceutical production processes require a different flooring solution to what is required for the automotive or food and beverage industry, for instance, and with health and safety a top priority in any commercial business or industry, starting with the best is the ultimate flooring solution in Cape Town.

PVC flooring, rubber flooring, epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring and interlocking flooring of the highest standard all feature among the flooring products used by Floormaster. If anyone can ensure that you have the most durable industrial flooring for the best return on your investment, then it’s this team!

Floormaster goes the extra mile to make sure that all customers having an industrial floor installed by this team, who produce excellent workmanship, will have all the qualities necessary to their specific industry.

Words and phrases such as non-slip, abrasion resistant, as well as heat and chemical resistance, are very important where it comes to the health and safety aspect of industrial flooring, and Floormaster has a flooring solution that will provide all the properties required for individual applications to meet these standards.

If you’re looking for easy-to-install industrial flooring solution that allows little or no downtime, depending of course on your commercial processes or industrial production processes, or whether it’s a children’s playroom, a gym and a host of other applications, then the interlocking flooring from Floormaster is your answer!

Make the best investment in industrial flooring in Cape Town by contacting the team at Floormaster, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best industrial flooring contractors throughout the Western Cape!